Why Fjallraven Thailand

From Fjällräven Classic to Fjällräven Thailand Trail

Fjällräven, an innovative Swedish outdoor gear and clothing company, has been supporting an active outdoor lifestyle for Swedes for over 50 years.

The idea came directly from Fjällräven founder Åke Nordin at the start of the 21st century. He had always been inspired by the dramatic landscapes and breathtaking scenery of the Swedish mountains. And he wanted others to explore the same landscapes and, more importantly, the same feeling of freedom from spending a few days trekking on the trail. His solution was Fjällräven Classic.

He chose a legendary long-distance path, Kungsleden (The King’s Trail), and by taking care of all the logistics like food, transport and safety, Fjällräven made it accessible to the masses.

Fjällräven Classic is more than a trekking event. It is where hikers from all over the world gather to enjoy what they love to do together. It is where they share experiences and pass on good outdoor practices from one generation to the next, focusing on being self-reliant, appreciating, protecting, and becoming one with nature.

With such a long-distance path, hikers have plenty of time to experience the magic of nature, cherish things in their surroundings, and help better understand themselves. Upon completing this event, finishers will undoubtedly learn new things and open up new perspectives in their lives.

The only limitation of this article is the inability to convey the complete experience just through texts, phrases, or VDO clips. Only people who have hiked through this trail would be able to understand this incredible feeling. However, not all people have an opportunity to join the Fjällräven Classic in Sweden.

Bringing the Classic experience to Thailand, Fjällräven Thailand Trail, with the same intentions, focuses on creating awareness for more people to be out in the Thai mountains and wishes fellow trekkers to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

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