Tourist Information (EN)

Enjoy the beauty of nature, rivers, mountains, and people, at Mae Sariang.

About Mae Sariang district 

Mae Sariang, where people have been residing for more than 520 years, was once called Yuam or Yuam Tai town. In 1900, Thai government officially registered the area as Muang Yuam district, which was home to Lawa and Karen hill tribes, named after the Yuam river that passes through the district. Later on, Maung Yuam district was renamed, to ease the confusion from a nearby district that has similar name (Khun Yuam district), to now called Mae Sariang district. 

At present, Mae Sariang district has become center of agriculture, commerce, and logistics of southern part of Mae Hong Son province. The district’s location is an ideal transit point for tourists that wants to travel around the area.

In addition to a panorama mountain scenery, Salween river also provides exquisite views for tourists year-round, not mentioning the traditional handmade fabric by Karen hill tribes, a rare orchid species grown in the area (D. scabrilingue Lindi), and number of temples that people come to pay respect to.

Mae Sariang is a peaceful small town surrounded by mountains and rivers with a touch of authentic tribal traditions. Walk around the area to witness their charming way of living or, for a more in-depth experience, spend a night with a tribal homestay.

Point of interests

Mae Sariang district has long been influenced with Buddhism, so Buddhist temples, with Tai Yai and Myanmar style, are common sights in the area.

There are 4 important temples surrounding Mae Sariang town. Locals believe that these temples would prevent the evils from coming into town while holding together the people of Mae Sariang. Anyone, including tourists, that visit all 4 temples are believed to be fulfilled with spirit and wisdom.

  • Wat Phrathat Chom Tong: The temple locates on top of the mountain, enshrining the biggest Buddha statue in Mae Hong Son province. This is another place to spot a beautiful sunset.

  • Wat Phrathat Chom Mon: A beautiful viewpoint to sightsee rice fields, rivers, and villages.

  • Wat Phrathat Chom Kitti: 2 kilometers away from Mae Sariang, another great place for sightseeing. 

  • Wat Phrathat Chom Chaeng: Locating east of Mae Sariang, close to the entrance of Mae Sariang district and Mae Saring museum, this is the nearest temple to visit from Mae Sariang.

"Sriboonrueng Temple"

This temple is quite different from other ordinary Thai temples as it is inspired by Myanmar-style architecture. Inside, a chapel has gorgeous perforated design which is similar to chapels in Myanmar.

"Baan Karenpamalor"

Karen hill tribe village is located in Baan Kaad district, 3 kilometers away from Mae Sariang market. Their culture and living is very interesting. They also make weave and traditional invention to sell as souvenir.

 "Mae Sariang Morning Market"

This market lies in the downtown area of Mae Sariang. Opening at 6AM, the market is a perfect place to witness how local people live their daily life. This market has a variety of foods, such as organic vegetable, and traditional foods.

"Mae Sariang Walking Street"

A night market takes place every Wed, Fri, and Sun, so-called "Walking Street", where local people sell a lot of products and foods in jolly atmosphere.

"Cycling around town"

Mae Sariang is a peaceful little town, which has very beautiful scenery. It is surrounded with mountains and rivers. During farming season, the village turns into green rice fields, which is such a refresh and relaxing view. Because of size of the town and how shops & restaurants are close to each other, bicycle is one of the best options to indulge traveling around the town.

"Doi Mae Ho"

Doi Mae Ho is a Tribal Welfare and Development Center with a nice scenic point. Along the 16-kilometer route from Mae Sariang district to Doi Mae Ho, there will be beautiful yellow lotus fields waiting for you on both sides.  

"Thum-Tara-Lod Park"

Thum-Tara-Lod Park is suitable for people who like to walk as the way to get there is 1 kilometer. The trailhead locates at the parking lot. (Same route as Doi Mae Ho)

"Mae-Sawan- Noi Waterfall"

A 7-stories-tall waterfall which you can enjoy a walk from the top all the way down to the bottom. (Same route as Doi Mae Ho)

"Baan Pa-Pae, Mae Sariang"

This village has a lot of homestay for tourists, which is under a responsibility of The Mae Sariang Royal Project Development Center. There are many homestays at Baan Pa-Pae, all of which are traditional wooden houses. Spend your time here to help preserving the traditional way of living.

The people of Baan Pa-Pae villagers utilize their local resources to make clothes and kitchenware for their daily living. Clothes are made from cotton flowers spinning into a thread. Bamboo, rattan, and vines are made into interlaced baskets and containers for household usage. Descendants are trained to appreciate the value of natural resources and, therefore, use them wisely.

For information and reservation, please contact directly to The Mae Sariang Royal Project Development Center officer (Khun Ging +66 88 434 4902). The officer would arrange and assign a homestay accommodation based on availability. 

Homestay costs 150 THB per person.

Breakfast is 80 THB per person, lunch is 100 THB per person, and dinner is 150 THB per person.

A village guide costs 300 THB per group.

**Recommended Restaurants**

"Raan-Arhan-Phuen-Mueng-Mae-Sariang": A local restaurant located at Mae Sariang downtown, opposite from Mae Sariang musuem. Recommended menu are Nuea Toob (smashed beef), Moo Toob (smashed pork), Larb Nuea (spicy beef salad with roasted rice), and Sai Uah (local sausage).

"Baan Cafe" (Coffee House): located at Mae Sariang downtown, opposite from Kasikorn bank. (300 meters walking distance from River House hotel).

"Rod-Yium" restaurant: One of the most famous local restaurants that serves variety of menus such as noodles and entree' with rice. Open for breakfast and lunch. Located at Mae-Sariang downtown, opposite from Kasikorn bank. (300 meters walking distance from River House hotel).

"Lum Wiang Tea & Coffee": Nice coffee shop serves foods and drinks. Located at Santhong Soi 6 Street.

"Street foods-Rod Khen-Moo-Ping-Roi-Mai": Local fast-food cart. Good taste and low price. Favorite menus are pork on skewer, grilled meatballs, fried pork, fried chicken skins, and sticky rice. Located on Route 108 Mae-Hongsorn (in front of Mae-Sariang hospital). Open at 7:00AM.