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Fjällräven Thailand Trail

Fjallraven Thailand Trail will take you on a 50-kilometers path following an old trail, which connected among hill tribe villages, used by villagers in the past. Nowadays, this trail has been abandoned and almost forgotten, as everyone prefers a more convenient transportation. Along 4 days of trekking with Fjallraven Thailand Trail, we will take you to discover one of the most beautiful trails in Thailand. The highest point of this trail is at 1,700 meters above sea level.

Day 1 : Jor-Lue-Kee

Starting at 400 meters above sea level at the starting point, the trail will take you up through the mountain ridge before arriving at the 1st checkpoint, “Jor-lue-kee”, at 1200 meters above sea level. Experience a magnificent view of grass fields and the surroundings, which will be covered with low clouds in the morning.

Day 2 : Doi Tong

The trail will continue on the mountain ridge, which divides rainfalls into 2 main rivers of this region. Along the trail, you will realize how every patch of a forest directly impacts the availability of water resource to the rivers down below. At 1,700 meters above sea level, we will arrive at the 2nd checkpoint, “Doi Tong” meaning Flag Mountain in Thai, which is the highest point of this trail. At this checkpoint, spend some time to take in an unbelievable panorama view including the trail, on one side, that you have been trekking for the past 2 days and the rest of the trail, on another side, that you will be trekking for the next 2 days. At night, the sky will be filled with stars like an endless diamond sky. This campsite is usually very windy, and temperature may drop close to 2-3 degree Celsius. Be prepared with your clothing, sleeping bags, and etc.

Day 3 : Mue Hak Kee

The longest trekking day of this trip. You will hike along the mountain ridge, passing through “Se-the-lu” pass, before arriving at the 3rd checkpoint, “Mue-hak-kee” village, at 900 meters above sea level. This village is one of the most remote villages in the mountain and only accessible by ground transportation during dry season. “Mue-hak-kee” has one of the best sunset viewpoints as its given name, land of sunset in Karen language. In this village, you will see how the villagers can peacefully live with nature in the middle of a forest.

Day 4 : Sobkhong

Descending down to a riverbank in Sobkhong village, where our finished line is located, a celebration with authentic local foods, drinks, and music will be waiting for you. Enjoy a good time with like-minded companions who you have met along the trail.

This 50-kilometers trail is neither strenuous nor dangerous at any point. Everyone in good health with appropriate preparation can enjoy the event. However, there can be some parts of the trail that are physically demanding.

Day 5 (Optional) : Bamboo Rafting

River Rafting on one of the most beautiful river in Thailand. This is a 12 Km bamboo rafting which will take 3-4 hours. If you are interested, please select this option during registration.

In January, the weather will be at its best to enjoy hiking here. Temperature will be around 20-25 degrees Celsius during the day, and around 10 degrees Celsius or below at night. Be prepared and see you soon!!

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